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#Creative Think Tank

{The Lean Startup }

Creative Think Tank DC is a digital magazine network of independent publishers. Our focus is dedicated to the advancement of creative ideas as fundamental particles of existence. Art-Design-Technology-Culture. 



All Things Web Design 

Bi-Weekly to monthly essays covering web design best practices including the latest trends in the world of front end development: WordPress | HTMl5-CSS3 | PHP | UI-UX Design | Mobile Platforms For Creative Publishers | Content Mgmt. Systems |  Content Strategy | Modern JS Libraries: React-Angular Bootstrap  

Art Journal

Essay | Context | Critique

Art Journal is a Bi-Weekly essay driven publication covering personal stories, anecdotes, cultural observations using visual ideas as fundamental building blocks. The art of Gonzo story telling using editorial design as formal "Mise-en-Scene" comes full circle within each essay we publish. Join the conversation by subscribing to the magazine. 

Social Zines

DIY Magazine Social App 

Social Zines is a project that will attempt to combine online digital publishing with a social zine concept. Sign Up to receive a comprehensive subscriber welcome package via email. 

The Beta Issue

Fine Art Magazine 

The Beta Issue is a collaborative group between contemporary artist who want to develop innovative ways of exhibiting visual art online. Furthermore, The Beta Issue will allow creative talents the ability to sell, promote, collaborate and create their own magazines using Social Zines.  

MamiFit-Home Of Fitness

All Things Health & Fitness 

With four kids in my life, there is never a dull moment. Things happen and sometimes theres no time to react or except.  I realized how much of an impulsive person I am. Never knew that until it was tested back in 2014. Im married for sixteen years, wow how insanely cool that sounds! He is my life partner my soul mate. Nothing perfect about us but thats what makes us perfect for each other


The Art OF Sylvia O

Memorial Art Project 

Sylvia O was a revolutionary visual artist with a remarkable impact on the world.  Her work was a manifestation between her personal struggles as a woman. In conjunction with hyper real figures that represented illuminated power using a sophisticated visual system.    

The project is aimed at honoring her works to a generation of younger artist including raising funds for a memorial ground. In her name we celebrate the life and works of a truly "Original Queen". 

Dakota Black

Contributing Editor

Dakota Black grew up in the suburbs of Minneapolis and attended typical Midwestern public schools where regrettable fashion was forced upon students by oppressive social norms. 
After graduating, Dakota joined the Marine Corps seeking adventure and excitement. At some point he went to the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus, where he studied political science, global studies and English. 
After graduating, Dakota came to New York City and has regretted that decision ever-since. He'll probably never really leave and never really stay in this accursed city. 
He once impersonated Michael Bivins in order to attend a party for a famous photographer, just to get the free vodka and hors d'oeuvres. 
He has worked for Major League Baseball, various publications, and was chief editor of a very low brow fetish magazine in Manhattan. 


Visual "Lorax " Magazine 

Apex is a visual innovator, lyricist, poet, gonzo story teller who is beyond the edge in terms of his ability to create art. Apex76 is a contemporary online exhibition showcasing works on paper drawings, digital prints, music, writings and all other cultural artifacts collected by the artist.   Viewers are welcome to buy limited edition prints from the artist studio. Including the ability to create a cultural online forum between Apex76 & those of you who subscribe.